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1. Books release function of 8 Books are published by A.P.Hindi Academy and 9 Books are published with the publication Grant of Hindi Academy are released by the Chief Guest PADMASRI Dr.Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad organized on 08th January.

2. Conducted Extension Lecture of Dr.P.Srinivas Rao Lecturer, DBHP Sabha, Kerala on the comparative topic of 'Mahaveerprasad dwivedi tatha Gidugu Ramamurthy : Basha Andolan' on 21st February.

3. Dr.Divakara chari has been appointed as Director of A.P.Hindi Academy by Commissionerate of collegiate education, Andhra Pradesh Govt. on 5th March.

4. Organized Extension lecture of Prof.Sacchidananda Chaturvedi Professor of Hindi Dept. Hyderabad University on the topic of 'Samakaleen Hindi kahani : Dasa Aur Disa' on 30th March.

5. A.P.Hindi Academy has conducted meeting on the Chairmanship of Dr.K.Divakara Chary, Dirctor, A.P.Hindi Academy to start a New Quarterly Magazine ‘SAHITYA-SETU’ at Academy premises on 15th April. In this connection Dr.M.Venkateswar, Ex-professor, Dept. of Hindi, IFLU, Dr.T.Mohan Sing, Chairman, Hindi Academy, Hyderabad and Principal, Avanti Degree, Hyderabad, Dr.Ch.Chandraiah, Retd. Hindi Reader, M.V.R. Degree & P.G.College, Mahaboobnagar and Academy Research Offecers Dr.B.Satyanarayana, Smt.P.Ujjwala Vani were participated in this meeting. This Proposal has been send to Govt. of A.P to take permission to start the Magazine. After received the permission-letter it will start immediately. Articles of the various Monthly Extension Lectures Conducted by A.P.Hindi Academy, Books-Reviews published by Academy and other literary information will be published in this Quarterly Magazine.

6. Organized 'Awards Distribution Celebration' on 29th April on the occasion of 'Hindi Day Celebrations' for the year 2012. The Awards were presented by Chief Guest of this program Sri Ajay Mishra I.A.S, Principal Secretary, Higher Education, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. Chairman of this program Dr.K.Divakara Chary, Director, A.P.Hindi Academy. In this connection Padmabhushan Dr.Moturi Satyanarayana Award for Sri Eemani Dayanand, Hindi Speaking Hindi Writer Award for Sri Sasinarayan Swadheen, Tamil speaking Hindi Writer Award for Dr.A.V.Suresh Kumar, Marathi Speaking Hindi Writer Award for Sri Srinivas Savareekar, Telugu Speaking Hindi Young Writer Award for Dr.G.Neeraja, Best Translation Award for Smt.Paranandi Nirmala were Presented by Chief Guest Sri Ajay Mishra IAS and Dr.K.Divakara Chary, Director, A.PHindi Academy.

7.Conducted Extension Lecture of Dr.M.Venkateswar Ex-Professor and Head, Dept. of Hindi, IFLU on the occasion of 152nd Birth-Ceremony of Ravindhranath Tagore on 07th May.

8. Andhra Pradesh Hindi Academy, Hyderabad has been taken decision to translate into Hindi and publish 100 selected poems from the Famous Telugu poet 'Padmavibhushan' Sri Kaloji Narayana Rao's Poems-Collection 'Na Godava'. Academy wants to release this Book on 9th September, 2013 on the occasion of Kaloji Birth-Ceremony.

In this connection Academy had been conducted Extension Lecture about Kaloji's 'Na Godava' in Chairmanship of Academy Director Dr.K.Divakara Chary on 06 July, 2013 in Academy premises. Telugu Speaker of this programme was Dr.Turpu Mall Reddy, Principal, Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Degree College, Bhuvanagiri, Who did his Research work on Kaloji literature. Hindi Speaker of this programme was Dr.T.Mohan Sing, Ex-Professor, Hindi Dept., Osmania University, Who is translating some poems from kaloji's 'Na Godava'.

Dr.Rangaih, Professor P.Manikyamba also participated in this Extension Lecture and expresses their thoughts about Kaloji humanism and importance of his poems in his Literature. Literary lovers of Telugu and Hindi are participated and make it success of the multi-lingual Extension Lecture.

9. Pingle Govt.Degree College for Women, Warangal has been conducted One day State level Seminar on the topic of 'Telangana Kshetra me Hindi Sahitya evam Sanskriti' Sponsored by Andhra Pradesh Hindi Academy, Hyderabad on 27th September, 2013 in Warangal. Chief Guest of the Inaugural function and Director of A.P.Hindi Academy, Hyderabad Dr.K.Divakara Chary said in his speech that Academy is giving importance to encourage Telugu speaking Hindi writers, organizations, Colleges, Universities as well as spread Andhra Pradesh Culture, Language, Literature at national level through Hindi language. This is one of the important aim of Hindi Academy. In this connection Academy provide financial assistance for Pingle Govt.Degree college for women, Warangal to organize Stage level one day Seminar.

We are releasing a New Book, this is belongs to 100 selected poems Hindi translation from Telangana famous writer Padmavibhushan Dr.Kaloji Narayana Rao's Poems-Collection 'Naa Godava' who is the fighter of those infested and poor people, who is suffering from their problems in society. That literature called good literature, which is conscious to people to live better life in the society. Academy trying to do better service to propagate Hindi in A.P. I am very happy as a Director of Academy to provide financial help to organize Seminar for this college according to academy aims.

Dr.T.Mohan Sing, Ex-Professor and Head, Hindi Dept., Osmania University said in his Keynote address that Urdu was the spoken language in Nijam State. In that time if someone speak in Hindi was treat like a crime. They would be sent into jail. Time changed. Somany writers born in Telangana region. Due to those people Hindi got progressive mode in this region. If we will make Hindi as a administrative language, then it is possible to get good result.

Dr.K.Prameela, Princial, Pingle Govt. College for Women, Warangal, Chairman of the Inaugural function said in her speech that Hindi Acdemy playing key role to Propagate and spreading Hindi in Andhra Pradesh. I am heartily thanking to Andhra Pradesh Hindi Academy.

10.Andhra Pradesh Hindi Academy, Hyderabad conducted 'Book Release and Student Prize distribution function' on 20th November 2013 at 4.00 P.M. at Academy premises. Dr.K.Divakara Chary, Director, A.P.Hindi Academy participated as a Book Releaser, Student Prize distributor and Chairman of the programme. Dr.Chary said in his Speech that A.P.Hindi Acadmy published the Book 'Andhra me Hindi Lekhan aur shikshan ki stiti aur gati', which was written by Professor I.N.Chandrasekhar reddy, Hindi Dept., Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati. He said that He is very happy as a Director this Book is published by A.P.Hindi Academy. Student prizes (Cash awards, Certificates) also distributed in this programme by Academy Director Dr.K.Divakara Chary, which competitions (Essay, Elocution, Singing) were conducted at Degree and P.G.Level by Hindi Academy. Book-Introducer & Writer Professor I.N.Chandrasekhar Reddy said in Book introduction that He make 3 questionnaire related to Hindi Training and Writing in Andhra and send various Schools & Colleges of Andhra Pradesh. This Book is made by the result of questionnaire. Book-Reviewer Prof. Rishabha Deo Sharma said in his Book review that this is the first book of Hindi Academy, which is based on Hindi Training and Writing of Andhra Pradesh.

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