Late. Sri. K Anjayah was Chief Minister, during that tenure Smt. Raja Kumari Indira Devi started Hindi Academy under the Chairmanship of Dhanaraj Gir. When Smt. Indira Devi was Chairman she has selected some poems and scripts of Telugu and got it translated into Hindi and published a serial with the title ‘Shabdh Se Shatabdhi’.

During Late. Dr. N T Rama Rao tenure as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Telugu poems were translated into Hindi with the title ‘Khili Eek Kali’ under the Chairmanship of Sri. Vemoori Radha Krishna Murthy. During Chairmanship of Radha Krishna Murthy, academy progressed briskly. During Radha Krishna Murthy tenure ‘Vishwa Hindi Sahithi’ program ‘Andhra Ka Ithishaas’ article first half was published, Second part was published in ‘Andhra Samskruthi, Telugu Language, Script, Vagnay Adaan – Pradaan Eevam Kalaayam’ article that was published from Telugu to Hindi and during the same time some more translated articles were published.

Universally applauded Telugu drama ‘Kanya Shulkam’ was published in Hindi. Subsequently to that G Sundar Reddy, Dr.Bala Shouri Reddy, Dr. Pooli Vijayaraghava Reddy headed the Chairman post. Due to some reasons academy was standstill for over six years and the same activities took shape once Padma Sri Acharya Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad re- started, heading the department as Chairman.


Established: 1982

Re-Started: 12th April, 2007


  • To Propagate Telugu Language, Literature and Rich culture at national level.
  • To encourage Telugu Speaking Hindi writer’s literary works.
  • To Propagate Hindi in Andhra Pradesh.


The following activities and awards will be carried every year.

  • To organize special lectures, Book-release functions, poet-meets.
  • To encourage Literary Seminars.
  • To select one Eminent Telugu book and translate it in to Hindi and publish.
  • To publish Books and Dictionaries for development of Hindi Language, Literature in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Academy is honoring with Rs.1,00,000/- Award of ‘PADMABUSHAN MOTURI SATYANARAYANA’ for eminent Telugu speaking Hindi writer/Scholar.
  • Academy honors with Rs. 25,000/- to one Telugu speaking ‘Hindi young writer Award’ (Whose Age is below 50 years).
  • Academy honors with Rs.25,000/- ‘South Indian languages Hindi writer award’ for South Indian languages (i.e. Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam) speaking Hindi writers (Who is a minimum 10 years resident of Andhra Pradesh).
  • Academy presents Hindi Speaking ‘Hindi writer award’ with 25,000/- (Who is minimum 10 years resident of Andhra Pradesh).
  • Telugu, Hindi and ‘Other than South Indian languages Hindi writer Award’ for to honors with Rs.25,000/-Award for Hindi, other than south indian Langrages (like- Bengali, Gujrati, Panjabi ect.) speaking Hindi writers (Who is the minimum 10 years resident of Andhra Pradesh).
  • Academy honors with Rs. 25,000 ‘Best Translation award’ for original Telugu literary book translation.
  • Academy is giving Publication grant for original and translational scripts of Telugu speaking Hindi writers with maximum of Rs.25,000/- for each literary script. The publication grant will be depending on their literary subjects and script pages. This publication grant will be presented to those Telugu speaking Hindi writers and translators, whose written scripts are based on Andhra Pradesh rich culture, language, history, literature and heritage.
    Dr. Ghanshyam

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